2 easy steps to earn revenue with zero upfront costs

1. Deploy CASH4Trafik Turnkey Solution
2. Earn revenue

Using CASH4Trafik , ISP owners earn commissions by providing relevant location based shopping opportunities to consumers. The system behind  CASH4Trafik enhance the shopping experience, creating a new revenue stream for the network owner while generating product sales for the online affiliate retailers. As a result, retailers provide commissions for these product sales, which are shared with our partnered network owners.

 CASH4Trafik Turnkey Solution

Using a patent-pending technology  CASH4Trafik will increase the value of a network while providing a seamless shopping experience. When deployed on a network, CASH4Trafik proprietary back-end software maximizes affiliate marketing referral commissions to increase network and retail partner revenue. Personally identifiable end-user data is never collected. Deployments are customized to meet the objectives of the network owner’s business.

Extra Revenue for ISPs and WISPs

 CASH4Trafik's back-end partner has affiliate relationships with over 1,200 top online retailers, each with different commission structures. They track, report and deliver partner commissions based on affiliate program parameters and the agreements made between individual partners and them.

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